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Prime Minister writes to Jayalalitha

The Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh has written to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha on Mullaperiyar issue.

Prime Minister writes to Jayalalitha

 The prime Minister's letter to Jayalalitha is as follows:

" I have received your letter of 29th November, 2011 as well as your earlier letter on the Mullaperiyar dam issue. 

 I have made a note of the points raised by you and also heard the issues raised by a delegation of Ministers from the Government of Kerala. I have pointed out to them that the matter is currently before the Supreme Court Empowered Committee. I believe that nothing should be said or done to create undue alarm among the people. I am sure that, given goodwill on both sides, an amicable and mutually acceptable solution can be found through a process of dialouge and communication. I have accordingly advised the Ministry of Water Resources to arrange an early meeting between the officials of the two sides to sort out understanding issues and allay genuine concerns.
I look forward to you cooperation in this matter "
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