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Beautiful Paintings of Iman Maleki

Iman was born on 1976 in Tehran. He has been fascinated by the art of Painting since he was a child. At the age of 15, he started to learn painting under the mastery of his first and only teacher - Morteza Katouzian - who is the greatest realist painter of Iran.

Beautiful Paintings of Iman Maleki



Iman Maleki : Realist Painter

In 1999 he graduated in Graphic Design from the Art University of Tehran. Since 1998, he has participated in several exhibitions. In the year 2000, he got married and in the following year he established ARA Painting Studio and started to teach painting, considering classical and traditional values. Iman Maleki is considered to be the best realistic painter in the world.

Some of the Amazing Paintings of Iman Maleki
sisters-reading-book, painting-of-sisters
                    Sisters and a book
iman maleki painting, omens of hafez
 Omens of Hafez
paintings of iman maleki
paintings of iman maleki, studying painting
beautiful paintings, realistic paintings
The old album
Paintings of iman maleki
 Untitled picture
iman maleki paintings
Memory of that house
realistic paintings, painting of kid
nice paintings, iman maleki painting
iman maleki painting, end of examinations
 End of Examinations
fish monger painting, iman maleki